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healthy Christmas

10 Ways To Have A Healthier Christmas

Christmas is notoriously a time to indulge, but this isn’t a green light to overindulge! You can still enjoy all the festivities of the season and get through the Christmas period without too much impact on your health. Try our top 10 tips for a healthy Christmas.

Keep Motivated

5 Ways to Keep Motivated in the Winter

Keep Motivated Training and staying motivated during winter can be both a challenge and an opportunity. A challenge because the weather is cooler and the daylight hours are less, but also an opportunity because you can continue to progress towards your health and fitness goals, while everyone else is still slowing down! 1. Workout with …


October Fitness Challenge!

We are challenging our class participants and online readers to a monthly fitness challenge for October. It’s a name your own challenge but this time, the goal is to do some type of workout 10 minutes a day for 10 days in a row. It all starts Sunday, October 22nd and goes through Tuesday, October 31st. You pick …

Healthy Kids

Tips to get Kids back in the Health Groove at School

Get bedtimes on track Studies have shown a correlation between hours of sleep and students’ ability to focus in school. Pediatrician Susanna Block, MD, says that the best way to get your children on a school sleep schedule is to start gradually and create a routine. Successfully in the routine of a school sleep schedule …

Summer Body

5 Steps to Keeping a Healthy Summer Body

When dieting, we tend to shift our focus away from health and onto weight, calories and fat content instead. This is a reminder that nothing make your body any more ready for summer than it is right now. Yes, RIGHT now. We’ve got some tips for you… Not to lose weight or change your appearance, but …

After a Workout

5 things you should always do after a Workout!

There are a few things you should do after every workout if you make progress and reduce injury. Try adding these steps to your rotuine after a workout and see if you notice a difference! What to do after a workout Using a post-workout routine helps you to recover and helps you notice results faster too! …

Make Exercise Fun for Kids

6 Top Tips to make Exercise Fun for Kids

Parents face increasing challenges to get kids to live a healthy and active lifestyle.  The distractions of television, phones, iPads and Youtube now make it even more difficult to motivate children to be active. But here are some simple ways to ensure your children stay on the move, learn about their bodies and have fun! …

women over 50

Fitness over 50: How to start aging healthily

Sometimes people 50+ can assume that they’re too unfit, tired, or sick to exercise, so they avoid it completely. Others believe they should lower the intensity of their exercise due to some of the signs that come with growing older, such as losing strength. But they’re wrong. The real danger to your health is not …


Nouveau Wellbeing Dementia Friends Training

This month Nouveau Wellbeing hosted a Dementia Friends training. At Nouveau Wellbeing we work with a lot of class members with Dementia, both in our care home and community classes. Due to this we often see the effects which dementia can have on an individuals life. Because of this, Dementia Friends is a cause close …


Annual Afternoon Tea: Rock ‘n’ Roll Spectacular!

On Thursday 14th March 2019 we held our Annual Afternoon Tea event at Hardwick Hall Hotel Sedgefield! Pink Ladies and Petticoats This years theme was Rock ‘n’ Roll and our guests did not disappoint with their fancy dress and themed outfits! Polka-dot skirts, Pink Lady jackets and A-Line Dresses with petticoats were donned by all, …


Nouveau co-hosts a Dementia Friends Training Day!

At Nouveau Wellbeing we work with a lot of class members who are living with Dementia. Whether that be in our care home or community classes, we see the effects dementia can have on an individuals life. Due to this, Dementia Friends is a cause close to our hearts. To help with the cause our …


The Impact of Dance on Kids!

Dancing has a hugely positive impact on children and young people. It can help children not only physically, through gaining strength and fitness, but it can also help children improve their intellectual and emotional capacity too! Physical Impact On the physical side, dance can help children with their strength, flexibility and posture. Studies show that …