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5 delicious and easy pre workout snacks

We often get asked; ‘what are the best snacks to eat before attending a fitness class?’ so here they are, our top 5 delicious and easy pre workout snacks:   Greek Yoghurt and a handful of nuts   Simply fill your bowl with a few scoops of yoghurt and enjoy with a handful of mixed …


Nouveau featured on BBC Radio Tees

Did you hear Nouveau Wellbeing on BBC Tees? On Monday 5th February, our Founder Bethany Ainsley and Senior Practitioner Emma Bryan were on BBC Tees talking about how we work with SportRelief to help make a difference in local communities. To listen, follow the link below and skip along to 2hrs 40 mins.


5 simple ways to stay on track with your 2018 fitness goals

It’s that time of the year when we’re all feeling inspired to work towards a healthier lifestyle and set some big health goals. Here at Nouveau Wellbeing we want to make sure you give yourself the best start.   Here’s our 5 simple ways to stay on track with your 2018 fitness goals:   Choose …


5 ways to easily begin to build a stress free lifestyle.

The BBC recently released an article which said 300,000 people leave their job each year because of mental health problems, and let’s be honest, statistics aside, we only need to look around us to see that our friends, family and colleagues are feeling the pressure of stress and anxiety in their lives.   Stress is …


The Benefits of Music for Dementia Patients

Music is an important part of life. When we hear a song, we can frequently be reminded of a certain place, or a particular time in our lives. Often, we feel as though we have literally been taken back to that place for just a second and we can remember exactly how we felt and …


Finding Happiness through Dance

Dance plays an important part in all cultures across the world and it has held a significant role in society for thousands of years. But what is it about dance that make us happy? There have been many studies carried out over the years attempting to discover what makes dance so enjoyable. Perhaps it is …


Hurworth Primary’s Carnival Day

Over the past couple of months Nouveau Wellbeing have been working closely with years three and four at Hurworth Primary School as part of the Darlington Education Project. Emma Bryan, one of the Senior Practitioners has been teaching the children a range of dance styles and techniques, whilst also building confidence and self-esteem. Emma attended …


Rose Lodge Care Home Wins Award!

Rose Lodge Care Home is one of the many care homes Nouveau Wellbeing CIC provides Chair Dance for. This happens on a weekly basis, helping them improve their health and wellbeing and build their coordination. We use equipment such as maracas and scarves to help them engage in the dances and exercises. The residents love …


Support for Schools to Get Pupils Active

Fundamentals is a part of Nouveau Wellbeing’s Education Service. KS2 children from schools across the North East have been taking part in the programme which runs for 10 weeks throughout the school term. The aim of the programme is to get children to take part in 300 minutes of physical activity a week, it could …


Tackling Mental Health through Physical Activity

Over the past several months Nouveau Wellbeing have been working to “Get Girls Moving!”, tackling mental health issues and depression. We have been combatting these mental health issues by encouraging a healthy work life balance, looking at preventing stress and giving participants the tools to reduce anxiety. As the project continues we have partnered up with …


Come Cook With Us And Explore Healthy Eating

The practical sessions have an emphasis on simple foods which are tasty and nutritious. Engaging families and giving children hands on experience, allows children to explore food, taste new food and have fun. The recipes are easy to follow and we usually add additional vegetables to create a healthier meal. Things like cottage pie, stir …


Introducing Makaton in Stockton

Being able to communicate is one of the most important skills we need in life. Almost everything we do involves communication; everyday tasks such as learning at school, asking for food and drink, sorting out problems, making friends and having fun. These all rely on our ability to communicate with each other. That’s why we …