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Creative Minds: Learning through Dance

Welcome to Creative Minds, a programme enhances learning through creative dance.

Creative Minds, Learning through Dance, Nouveau Wellbeing


Our Creative Minds, early years programme is designed to allow children to develop physically by undertaking a range of fun dance and movement activities, personally, socially and emotionally by exploring world themes and events in a creative and expressive setting while using each of our themes as a tool to enhance literacy and numeracy. Each session allows children to communicate creatively to enhance language, confidence and personal development.


The Creative Minds primary school programme can be implemented within curricular of after school. Each weekly session is fun, energetic and engaging whilst also following a subject specific termly theme e.g. History – Egyptians and Science – Seasonal Changes. The programme has been designed to increase knowledge, skills and critical thinking as well as helping students solve problems, make informed decisions, work independently and as part of a team. Each session allows pupils to communicate creatively to enhance communication, confidence and personal development.