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Body Tone

A class suitable for all levels of fitness, Body Tone is a full body conditioning and strengthening workout and focuses on helping you tone up and improving your flexibility and coordination. This class is less about cardio and concentrates more on building up the muscular and skeletal systems.

Seated Dance

This enjoyable musical dance session includes a range of gentle exercise and routines without leaving your chair!

A vibrant mix of dance styles to suit all abilities and tastes. Join in and reap the physical benefits while enjoying yourself in this exciting dance session, all while having fun with friends.


Seated Exercise

Chair Exercise is a fun seated workout including a vast range of gentle exercises without leaving your chair. Join in and reap the physical benefits while enjoying yourself in this exciting session, all while having fun with friends.


Circuit Training

Work through a series of stations with a physical conditioning exercise at each point. Various exercise adaptations are available at each station to enable all abilities to participate in this fun yet challenging fitness session.



A lower intensity dance session designed specifically for adults aged 50+. DanceFit is a great way to have fun, get active and make new friends. This fun and social dance session is suitable for all abilities, no partner requires.



Somewhere between an Aerobics workout and a jazz dance class, Dancercise combines dancing and fitness to give you both cardio and toning benefits, all with the enjoyment of dancing to a great song! The routines change every week, and are broken down to make sure you are able to perform each step; this is a great class for getting fit without even feeling like you’re exercising!


Fitness Fusion

A fun energetic fitness class, using a variety of exercise formats guaranteed to get your heart pumping, burn lots of calories and tone up those vital areas.



Designed to deliver fitness results through dance, FitSteps was developed by Strictly Come Dancing star professionals Ian Waite, Natalie Lowe and champion swimmer contestant Mark Foster. The dances are broken down into easily learnable moves and can be adapted to varying levels of effort, making it suitable for all ages, fitness levels and dance abilities. It blends together the grace of ballroom and the energy of Latin with proven fitness techniques to provide a class that is not only hugely fun and enjoyable, but gives measurable results.



Practicing Pilates can help improve posture, muscle tone, balance, whole body strength, flexibility as well as reduce stress and anxiety. Learn more about your own posture and alignment within this class with safe and effective exercises catered to your requirements.


Have you ever wanted to learn to tap dance or perhaps relive a childhood dream? Perhaps you would like to tap your way to fitness? Then join us for Adult Tap where you can learn all the basic steps building up to fun routines.